Bishop E.L. Usher



Bishop E.L. Usher, Founder/Senior Pastor

The scope of Bishop E. L. Usher ministry extends beyond the pulpit. He is a trailblazer, trendsetter, and a radical style preacher with a heart to see the people of God delivered from bondage and set free from the chains of disparity. He teaches and preaches the uncompromised message of faith and power. The ministry of Bishop E. L. Usher demonstrates God’s anointing, extreme faith, signs, wonders and powerful deliverance.

He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Greater Grace Outreach Church, established in 2001, and located in Houston, Texas. Endowed with spiritual wisdom and insight, E. L. Usher is a distinguished leader, community advocate, humanitarian, pastor of pastor’s and friend.

Walking in total humility and driven by his passion to give back to the community and serve other, Bishop Usher continues to make extraordinary strides in ministry. With over 15 years in ministry, he is well-respected among both his colleagues and congregation for his integrity and devotion to others.

His educational pursuits include Aenon Bible College in August 2001. He was ordained as Elder through the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc., in June 2002. In August 2006, he was appointed and publicly consecrated to the Episcopal Office and Dignity of Bishop. In April 2014, Bishop E.L. Usher was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian University for his countless years of service to the body and to his community.

He is the president and founder of Healing for the Family Inc., a 501 (C) 3 organization devoted to the undeserved. He also holds the office of Chairman and Founder for Reaching The World Fellowship Inc., an organization designed to empower and promote pastors and leaders to experience “True Empowerment through True Fellowship.” He is a man of Extreme Faith, on a mission to empower and impact leaders to reach their ultimate potential.

Bishop Usher is the loving husband of Lady Tawanda L. Usher, adoring father to their four children, loving grandfather, effective leader, and a highly anointed main of God. He is a concrete leader of the city of Houston. Bishop E.L. Usher has devoted his life to preaching, teaching, and declaring the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. He is determined to “Reach The World Through The Love of God.”

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